I am Murielle and I am a food photographer and recipe developer based in Montreal, Canada.

my food story

As far back as I can remember, I was surrounded by food. Growing up in Africa, my mother and her friends would regularly get together on weekends and share their special culinary creations around the dinner table. These gatherings always fascinated me: all those colours, textures, flavours were a feast for my 5 year old senses. Ever since those Sunday gatherings, my passion for food and cooking has never stopped growing.

my food photography journey

I have always loved photography and over the years developed a passion for beautifully crafted photographs. Because of my great love story with food, it was only natural for me to start photographing my creations and sharing them with my friends and family on social networks.

To me, food photography is much more than taking a simple photo of a meal or edible product. It is about celebrating it: highlighting its vibrant colours, distinctive flavours, and unique textures. It is about bringing out its beauty and characteristics that will convince the viewer of the deliciousness of every bite.

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