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8 Favorites. May 2018.

Hey guys, I know I don’t usually do these types of posts but I thought I would try to do a series where every month, I share with you some of my favorite things from movies to beauty products, DIYs, recipes and many more. I hope these posts can help you discover some cool products, recipes and inspiring people as well as give you a better idea of what are some of the things that inspire me and that I am passionate about.

So let’s jump right in.

1. Minimal beauty product: Sweet almond oil. For the longest time, I was using traditional makeup removing wipes to take off my makeup and I loved the fact that they were simple to use and quite frankly, did the job they were supposed to. However, lately, I have been learning more and more about reducing waste and minimal beauty, so I decided to make the switch to almond oil to remove my makeup. It’s been amazing! All I do is gently rub a bit of almond oil everywhere I wear makeup (eyes, lips, face). Beware! If you wear mascara, you might end up looking like you just cleaned a chimney, but not to worry, you can simply use a warm wet cloth to take off the makeup and here you go! You can then go on with your traditional cleansing routine.

2. YouTubers: Honestly, YouTube is a gold mine for information. As mentioned earlier, I have been really getting into the zero waste movement as well as minimal/natural beauty products so here are some of the YouTubers I discovered this month that I absolutely fell in love with: 

Madeleine Olivia: She is super bubbly, so positive and has amazing videos about veganism, minimalism, zero waste and natural beauty. One of my favorite videos of hers is: 15 Hacks to Declutter your Life.

Silke Dewulf: Silke also shares amazing content on minimalism and zero waste AND, she is a yoga teacher. She has quite a few different yoga workouts for all levels. Here is the latest one I did: Challenge your Balance. The burn was real!

Dans le sac:  Created by Laurie and Stephanie, this YouTube channel is all about making zero waste and minimalism accessible to all. They have awesome tutorials teaching you how to make your own deodorant, lip balm and body butter. Both ladies are also the owners of the brand Dans le Sac, which makes beautiful eco-friendly products such as market bags, bulk bags and bread bags.

4. Restaurant dish: Cauliflower wings at Fresh in Toronto. I took a trip to Toronto earlier this month and that's where I got to taste these magnificent nuggets of pure deliciousness! I never make fried food at home, that's why, when I go out, I INDULGE! These cauliflower wings were nothing like the cauli wings I had eaten in the past. They had a thick crunchy batter, were drenched in this luscious buffalo sauce and came with a tangy, creamy ranch sauce. Wow. Just thinking about them makes me want to hit the road for 6 hours and have an entire plate to myself!

5. Movie: Shawshank Redemption. A classic, but I had never seen it before. This movie was simply amazing! The story line really kept me going, there were a lot of twists and turns. One moment I was laughing out loud and the next there was a very serious and dramatic scene. I think there is a reason this movie is on every “Must watch” list – so good!

6. Show: Handmaid’s Tale. Not going to spoil anything here for anyone, but I got into this show at the beginning of the month and instantly got absorbed by the dark, gloomy, dystopian atmosphere of it. Elizabeth Moss is absolutely brilliant and after watching the entire first season, I now understand why this show got so much praise.

7. Recipe tried: Laura Wright’s Wonder cookies! Don’t be fooled by the fact that they are vegan, grain free and sweetened only with dates, these chocolate chip cookies are absolutely DIVINE! I made them at my boyfriend’s place for his family and no joke the entire batch of 14 cookies were gone in a matter of minutes... If you are looking for gooey, chocolaty and nutty cookies, you should make these ones a priority on your list of things to bake.

8. Workout: This month, I did the Boho Beautiful 14 day yoga challenge and if I could recommend one video, it’d be this one Best Yoga Workout Challenge. It works every part of the body and will challenge different muscles for everyone. On my end, since my arms and shoulders are not the strongest, those side planks buuuuurned my shoulders!

9. Artist: Londrelle. Combining beautiful poetry, self-love affirmations and deeply moving music, Londrelle simply blew my mind! If I could recommend a couple of songs, I’d say you should absolutely listen to:

  • The Moon

  • Learn to Love

  • Love without Conditions

If you have any suggestions of YouTubers, artists, recipes, movies, shows or really anything I should check out, do not hesitate to write them out in the comments!

Until next month! :)